M3 Multi Machine Management


Not sure where to post this, but I’m interested in learning more about the M3 product. I’d love to see some video demonstrations or poke around with it. Just last week I was speaking with a group that is interested in getting into offering their clients a white label VoIP service. I love FreePBX personally, but it isn’t really a “multi-tenant” solution. I know people have run multiple VM instances of FreePBX before and some hacked together integration. Then I saw this today and wondered what it really was and what it could do.

So is there any information out there on this yet or are we still a ways off?


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More information can be found Here

I know we are doing internal testing, You may wish to open a sale ticket at http://support.schmoozecom.com

Also I am going to ping @reconwireless and @tonyclewis as they may be more helpful