M3 Locked me out of 2 VPS cant HHP or SSH

Installed a M3 Server with 2 Test Sites was working OK them received error I removed them from M3 Now both VPS and are on line but phones not connecting or can not get log in to FreePBX. One of the VPS after a reboot will connect but if you navigate to any part of FreePBX it disconnects I did see a "Asterisk Manager (astman) failure"
Any assistance on this

Reconnected One VPS And It Show Connected but still can not get to log in I see this event detail
Event details Unknown SSH key detected on line 1 of /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
php /usr/local/m3/freepbx_m3_sshcheck.phar

We have created a new M3 department in our support system here. When opening a support ticket please use the M3 department. The support system is for general installation help and questions. You will need to login to the support system with your Schmooze Portal credentials

If you would like to report a bug or feature request please use the FreePBX issue tracker here. To view all the open bug reports and feature request for M3 please visit see the M3 project on our issues tracker here. The Issue tracker uses your freepbx.org credentials.

@ralphD sounds like you re-added a deployment to M3 after it was already added once, which created a duplicate key, if you edit your key file, and delete that first line (key file from the first install), I believe it will clear that issue.

OK Done opened ticket