M3 did not send a temp password. installed twice

(Adam Kayden) #1

i don’t see any M3 thread here. i need help with this.

(Tony Lewis - https://bit.ly/2SbDAyc) #2

I am sure it sent it but I bet your ISP or email server is rejecting it as a non trusted hose. Phase 2 of M3 will let you setup smart replay host from the GUI.

You can reset the password from the linux CLI using this wiki doc. http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/PBXM3/How+to+Reset+Login+Password+from+CLI

(Adam Kayden) #3

thank you. that solved my issue.

(OPTN) #4

As reported in a another post I am having the same problem, but I used my schmooze portal e-mail which I definitely get e-mails from… in fact I just purchased some licenses and got e-mails so it’s not a trust issue. I will try this reset

Gave Up For Now