M.2 ssd Hard disk

Hi, I purchased a new PC to install Freepbx on it, and this PC contains 2 m.2 SSD hard disk with Raid 1, I tried to install Freepbx on it but without any luck always “pane is dead” error , and I tried the Advanced option to set hard manually but also I can’t find it.
please, any thoughts …

Probably the installer doesn’t recognize the raid. You have two options. Either deactivate the raid at the hardware level and let the installer use software raid (mraid) or install to another disk and check if the raid is detected after installation and, if so, follow the process to move the installation to the raid, which is a complex procedure but can certainly be done.

Thanks @arielgrin for your replay , is software raid is safe and good for performance like hardware raid if yes, is the boot files will be synced automatically for both hard disk ?
PS: Raid is recognized if we want to install Windows …

Desktop computer? Likely it is not real raid, but some fake raid and SNG7 (CentOS 7) does not recognize it.

MRAID is very stable and has good performance. Depending on how heavy is your usage, there might be more or less hard drive activity, so maybe your freepbx server doesn’t have a lot of write activity. In any case, as far as I can remember, the installer will create a software RAID just for the /root and swap volume groups, but the boot partition is not raided. This means that if the disk that has the boot partition fails, recovering from that would not be as straightforward as just replacing the failed disk and resync the RAID volume, because you would need to re-create the boot partition manually. Maybe that has already changed or maybe that was for my particular hardware, but for the last two installs I performed of SNG7, the boot partition was not raided.
I’m running a fake RAID on SNG7 but I had to install it on a separate disk and move it to the RAID volume after the install, using a manual procedure which is complex but not imposible.

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@arielgrin Thanks for your help , After some tries , I decided to just use 1 m.2 hard disk and make some schedule backup , because I faced many problem when I tried to use MRAID , like boot problem .

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