Lync gateway freepbx

Dear all,
Our company is implementing lync 2010 as the main telephone system with mediant m1000e-sbc sip gateway. our provider gave us all details which are the ip’s, g711 codec, b2bua, the did’s, udp protocol, etc…The whole installation will be done from external microsoft implementation engineers. As we would like to have a failover solution for the sip gateway, i am wondering if we could implement an asterisk based like freepbx virtual server instead of buying second mediant apliance to be connected to lync in case of sip gateway is destroid? i am an system engineer with litle expirience in asterisk as this is not my area of expertise, but only configured as fxs and fxo gateway to integrate our branches analog pbx’s with iax trunks through asterisk. Anyway i just wanted to know if this is a working solution before i start searching how to do it. thanks in advanced

Hi being a media gateway won’t be an issue with lync. So it may work just fine. I believe lync uses sip tcp ? Might want to be mindful of that when setting up sip on Asterisk and yes through freepbx!