Low volume on Polycom IP6000 with FreePBX


One of our clients has a FreePBX appliance running v 6.12.65-32, that’s been installed for about a year and change. They have about 12 Polycom VVX 410 phones that all work perfectly and one Polycom IP 6000 that from day 1 has had low volume on both the sending and receiving sides. All phones were configured thru EPM.

Last week I decided to try to fix the low volume issue, the client hadn’t mentioned it being an issue in 6 months or so, so I has hoping that it was resolved with one of the FreePBX updates. So I factory reset the phone, deleted the extension in EPM and Extensions, used EPM to find and reprogram the IP6000, but after all of that it had the same exact issue.

I looked high and low and dont see any specific settings related to audio volume, so I decided to take the phone with me and bench it at my office on another phone system.

Needless to say I formatted and then provisioned the IP6000 on a hosted system and it works perfectly, great volume from the speaker phone, great pickup on the microphone, etc.

I have to bring the phone back to the customer and get it working properly but dont know where to look at this point. Has anyone had this type of issue before?

The phone is now running ROM, it was on on the FreePBX.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated…Thanks Mike