Low volume IVR

it seems that the volume of my IVRs is very low. do i need to re-record it at higher volume. im pretty sure the initial files volume was normal. callers complain of almost not being able to hear it. any advise is appreciated for a fix.

I was working with a client a couple of years ago, and the professional recording they got did the same thing. The problem we had was that we 'converted" it from stereo to mono by using just one of the channels (instead of mixing the channels) and the side we chose was REALLY soft (-30db kind of soft). We used the other channel when we transcoded it and it came out fine.

Be sure to convert your custom recordings to the format you are using on your channels to avoid transcoding and channel rejection errors.

If those things fail, then yeah, just crank up the volume and go for it. You want the audio to run as close to zero (0db) as you can, peaking no higher then +3db.

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thanks cynjut i’ll give your suggestions a try. thank you for your help!