Low cost did providers

I am looking at porting some numbers 6 or and 2 toll frees … I am looking at flat rate dids for some and per minute for the others. I was looking at sellvoip.net and les.net However I couldnt find the porting charge for les.net on the site so I had to call. No wonder they dont have it published it is $30 while sellvoip.net has it set for $15. I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

Cheap in VOIP means No service or crappy service which is worst.

Connect.voicepulse.com $ 11.00 first 4 channels (2 in / 2 out) unlimited* incoming

$ 1.50 a month per DID and 1 and a half cent a min on calls.

The world of VOIP is a low profit game; for some company to offer a REALLY LOW PRICE… they had to cut some corners someplace.

I currently also have a voicepulse.com account. That 4 channels is a good deal for the price. However if you want 1 channel more it is much more expensive. Plus they have no option just to purchase additional dids.

As for the rest. I have no idea what they pay for dids. So I cant comment.

vitelity and voipstreet are both good.

with vitelity all ported numbers are only available on a pay per minute basis. -(

you have a url for voipstreet?
I could google but I am on pda -)



they have an $18 port fee.


also only allows ports to PAYG. i’ve seen several providers who do this - i think it may depend on the carrier they use…