Loud ringer for remote phone

We have a GXP2140 in a factory environment on a vpn on the freepbx. They would like a louder ringer. Can one be added to the phone or can a ringer module be added to the factory utilizing the vpn of the freepbx. I looked at one online but its added to a freepbx if its onsite, and they want $200 for it, ALGO IP ringer. The ringer is also POE which they dont have here. Ideas?

To add a louder ringer on the phone, you’ll have to talk to the manufacturer. If you are good at soldering, of course you can add anything you want to the phone.

Whether you use the VPN or not is entirely up to you. If you are currently using a VPN to make the connection, then adding another phone on the VPN should be reasonably doable.

As far as the Algo ringer goes, you can add one without too much controversy. Lots of people make power injectors to run the phone (Linksys, for example makes at least two). Add it as a second extension on your PJ-SIP connection at the server end and set both phones up so they attach to the same extension. When it rings, both will go crazy.

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