Lots of WARNING in chan_sip.c

I’m new to this forum like so many others! If my poor English is added, you may forgive me for clumsily explanation …


  • Getting > “chan_sip.c: This function can only be used on SIP channels.” Consecutive and fill ‘full’ logs, even if this log is not important matter! but hide important ones :frowning:

System structure:

  • Freepbx-2.11.0 (x64) + Asterisk
       * Gateway: Sangoma A104 (4 E1 spans):
       - 2 E1 PRI from PSTN (context = from-digital)
       - 2 E1 PRI trunking with Panasonic TDE600 (context = from-digital)
       * Dial-plan:
        - *Incoming Routes: * 3 separate Custom Destination PHPAGI (using PAGI, PAMI)
        - *Trunks: * 2 DAHDi Trunk (Outgoing Settings = Group (n) Round Robin Ascending)
        - *Outbound Routes: * Matched Dial Patterns route via above trunks
        - *Misc Destination: * 3 Misc Destination to simulate Panasonic IP-PBX dial-plan
        - *Queue: * with dynamic agents and configs …
        - *Other: * Bunch of Time Group, Announcement, IVR, Parking Lot, … and both-way communicate with 3rd-party system with xmlrpc web service for queue status report and management…

I haven’t any SIP/IAX Trunk or Custom trunk using SIP,… and completely confused by huge amount of WARNING(s) getting system resources.

If any extra data about config or log files needed, let me know and propound…
Thanks in advanced.

Is there a way to disable this WARNING?