Lost Web Interface

Hi All… I am a nooB to this (a PC Guy) I have Free PBX installed on a server 1.815.210.58-1

I made these changes in an attempt to get to GUI

installing GNOME under CentOS:

  1. After logging to your root account in CLI mode, install the X window system (X11) with this command:

yum groupinstall -y ‘X Window System’

  1. Install now GNOME with the following command:

yum groupinstall -y ‘Desktop’

  1. Let’s now configure CentOS to start the GUI mode (Gnome login screen) instead of the CLI mode. To do this, edit the /etc/inittab file with this command:

vi /etc/inittab

change now this line:


to this:


Now my web GUI is not loading, it does say “It Works” on the main page so I know apachee is working. Any Ideas?



But further, and you are not running on a minimalist system, and if you are cli impaired, then leave you run level at 3 after installing lxde or whatever your desktop of choice is, and install xrdp

you can then extemporaneously manage your system even from a windoze box with “remote desktop”. by that I mean that your server resources will only be used when you open the rdp session, I think even windows users will be avle to take it from there :wink:

(but most will say if you do that you may miss most of the necessary “internship” needed to fully understand your sytem)

It also sounds like you are trying to do this the hard way, it’s usually best to run your PBX headless, aka no gnome desktop. You should have been able to access the gui by entering the servers IP address in a web browser from a different machine.

It sounds like you have managed to overwrite your httpd DocumentRoot at /var/www/html. does


work ?

Thank You reconwireless and dicko, both your suggestions helped me understand more about this! I realized it was trying to boot into runlevel 9 which did not exist. I was able to correct in the CentOS CLI. I then un-installed GNOME and X-Window and was back! I think I will stay with a CLI on this early version.

Much Appreciated!