Lost the server activation

It’s twice had happened, I lost the activation (along with some commercial modules) on my freepbx server.
The latest happened when I moved the freepbx server from the hyper-v server to the Linux KVM server. The migrated freepbx server booted up in the KVM server okay. I was able to access it via the web browser. The trunks and the extensions are registered on to the freepbx in the KVM server environment, expect for the freepbx activation. The server is indicating NOT ACTIVATED. How can I reactivate the server and reclaim my commercial modules?



I am running FreePBX on older hardware, and upon rebooting, we noticed that our NICs changed assignments – the internal IP address moved to the outside interface, and outside IP moved to the internal interface. Reboot again, and sometimes they would switch back. Annoying, because I support this box remotely, and I don’t have 40 mile arms to move the wires around.

I believe this is being caused at the BIOS level, and have a bad BIOS battery.

Anyway, we rebooted and dealt with the switch, and a month or so later, noticed that we lost activation. I believe FreePBX / Sangoma is binding the activation to the MAC address of the NIC. Rebooting and having the proper outside NIC with the right IP address allowed us to re-register without using a ZEND RESET.

And yes, I need to get the card hokey-pokey to cease. Just mentioning if this may be happening to others.


There’s a MAC address/UUID flag you can put in the eth0-up (I think) file that will bind the card mac address to the eth_x_ port in SNG7 (and other Linux Distros).

There is! Unfortunately, my box did not respect it. HWADDR=X:X:X:X:X:X:X

I put the flags on one NIC, because if the syntax was rejected, I didn’t want to lock myself out of the box 50 miles away. When we rebooted, the setting was not respected, and I opted to not fart around with it while remote. I did not set both interfaces, as staff there do not understand VI / emacs / pico and that is not a fun discussion over a cell phone.

My plan is to swap BIOS batteries when I am in town next week, and also in a position to personally hug the machine if required.


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