Lost the CDR table in asterisk MySQL database during upgrade

I upgraded from freepbx 2.2.0beta1 to freepbx 2.3.0alpha

Amongst one of the speedbumps in the upgrade was an inability for MySQL to log the calls that are going through, so my CDR records under “Reports” in freepbx don’t show any of the calls that are coming in or going out.

Can somebody supply me with a CREATE TABLE ‘CDR’ type MySQL query I can run to create the table and its rows, so calls can once again start being logged.

I’m curious; where were calls stored in freepbx 2.2.0beta1 anyway? It’s funny that those still show up in the Reports…

I know for a fact that the problem is not freepbx being unable to communicate with MySQL, the updates I make in Extensions, Ring Groups, etc all go through and get stored.

if the old calls still show up then the table is still there, sounds like it may be a config issue in the cdr_mysql.conf file or something related (although I think you said you checked that elsewhere).



in your install directory has the table creation schema, although you may want to modify it it ‘create table if not exists’