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Lost registration connectivity with all phone and VoIP trunk

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September 10, 2018 between 7:50AM and 9:59AM EDT, my FreePBX system running version FreePBX lost connectivity with the VoIP service provider and with all the extensions.

These error, warning and notice start to show up in the asterisk log (/var/log/asterisk/full) at 7:50AM.

ERROR[2401] netsock2.c: getaddrinfo("VOIPTRUNKPROVIDER", "(null)", ...): Temporary failure in name resolution
WARNING[2401] acl.c: Unable to lookup 'VOIPTRUNKPROVIDER'
NOTICE[2401] chan_sip.c: Peer '254' is now UNREACHABLE!  Last qualify: 325

These set of error, warning and notice keep repeating for 23 times and gone away completely at 9:59AM.
They come and go on their own.
No network connectivity issue was noticed any the time.
When the issue was happening, no incoming call nor outgoing call was successfully terminated.
Checked with the SIP trunk provider and they said they couldn’t find any fail registration at their end neither!

Does anyone have any idea of what this issue might be?

I am thinking could the lost of connectivity to the SIP trunk provider cause our server to also lose connection with the extensions.
If this was the case then I can just sign up for trunk service from another provider to use as fail over.