Lost Parking Configuration in Web GUI

Sooo…not sure what happened but I have no configuration options in the parking module. Also the default lot is not displayed. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the parking module with no success. I’m not sure but this may have happened when I was switching asterisk versions (Wanted to try Asterisk 13 to test performance). I’ve since reverted back to Asterisk 11.
FreePBX Version 13.0.1RC1.3
Asterisk Version 11.19.0

I think it is not about the asterisk version.
FreePBX Version: 13.0.1RC1.3
Asterisk Version: 13.5.0
Picture is same !!!

I’m seeing the same thing, Parking Lots is broken in 13. Please file a bug at http://issues.freepbx.org and I will investigate if rolling back will affect an interim fix.

Rolling back to 13.0.3 restores the right nav menu

There is already a bug filed. Please don’t file another one.

Thanks Guys. Sorry…I already filed a bug report before I read this last post.

Bug fixed and is in QA

Published as parking v13.0.5

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