Lost FAX support in 2.7

I use trixbox which I branched back to freepbx 2.6. There I use the FAX services ONLY in the receive mode into the system to convert into a pdf and then e-mail to myself. It works flawlessly 99% of the time. I do not send faxes out of the switch. I updated the system to freepbx 2.7 and completely lost the ability to receive faxes through the system and convert to pdf. It just does not answer the call. It just defaults to the destination as though it were a voice call. I do not see that option in the general settings anymore to setup NVFAX as in the past. At this point I won’t follow freepbx past 2.6. Can someone shed any light on why there was a change on the path that was taken to receive faxes by the system. Or, how I can achieve the same functionality with 2.7.
Thank you.

load the fax module

I did load the module and the system still did not answer the calls as 2.6 used to.

you’ll have to provide some debugging info for people to help you. You’ll need to make sure to include what you are using for detection and what you have installed for reception.

Most of the bugs should have been flushed out but it’s always possible some are still hiding.

A trace would be very helpful.