Lost dial tone

I set up Asterisk/FreePBX a few years ago and I just don’t touch it much, but now I’ve done something to kill my dial tone. Maybe this is first day stuff for some of you.

Yesterday I added BIND to my Asterisk/FreePBX (ubuntu) box for very low volume name service- maybe 50 requests per hour. I had to add two IP addresses to the box for the primary and secondary name servers. BIND works fine now.

If I call in, I immediately get voicemail. handset does not ring. So the PBX is working, somewhere inside :slight_smile: If I pick up the handset to call out, I get no dial tone.

I tried shutting BIND off, but no difference. Besides, on the FreePBX status page, everything looks great, and response is snappy. It even says my extension is connected.

I don’t know if it’s relevant but I did notice another weird thing- my SSH command response has all of a sudden become somewhat delayed in most instances, although pings are good and consistent.


What kind of phones (SIP, analog)? Are they registered?