Lost config when modify in web frepbx

  • I insert i dial plan in extension_addtional.conf,but when i modify ivr in web gui,it lost.How can i insert that dial plan that i need when i creat in ivr.

  • My call log appear some strange that:
    channel :SIP/my ip - 00000256 / source :5199362832664 /clid :5199362832664.
    How can i fix it,i think someone do it.

Thanks all.

extension_additional.conf is a dynamic file and is written every time changes in the GUI. Try putting your custom dialplan in extension_custom.conf.


Thanks Bill much,
I mean we how can we insert a dial plan automaticaly when update in web GUI .So that when creat a ivr in web we do not need manual type in extension_custom.conf.
Thanks Bill again.

The web interface does not parse the config files. It is a one way relationship, the database creates the dial plan and configuration in the config files.