Lost audio On trunk

Hi All,
I dont know what has gone on but…
Seting up a system for the 1st time and was all fine today everything working ect then i shut the system down (need to move the server to its rack) re powered it and logged in as root. test calls from ext to ext are fine with 2 way audio.

The Trunk line however im not so lucky and dont understand why
so calling in to the system and calling out from the system i don’t get audio on both the phone and my mobile?

I have looked over and over and even removed the trunk and re set it up but cant work it out

Please not this is the 1st time seting up a voip system ( alarm engineer by trade) so might have to advice step by step.

One think to add is i never had to add the system into the firewall (external) as it was working fine i have tried adding the port given by the trunk line provider and forwarding it to the pbx and had no change

Thanks in advance


If your PBX is behind a NAT router, you need to port forward the the entire RTP range specified in Asterisk SIP Settings (UDP) at the router to the PBX.

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