Loss of eth0 and system registration after a few minutes of run time

Config is a new Distro 16 install on VMWare with a public nic on eth0 and a local nic behind a firewall on eth1. Once the firewall starts all public access is lost to the pbx. I can still access eth1 which is behind a firewall. If I go into Admin/System Admin/Network Settings and resave eth0 it will work again for a few minutes and then goes dark again. The public IP is white listed in fail2ban.

I have 40ish installs this same way. Most will hold their configs unless I re-load or re-start, then I have to go in and re-save eth0 to get public access again. This started with 16 but I’ve seen it on 13,14, 15 so I assume it began with a module update that was common across all versions.

When this happens the system registration is also usually, but not always, lost and I have to re-activate.

Is anyone else seeing this? I’d appreciate any suggestions on a way to troubleshoot this.


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