Losing "generated hints" after power failure

HI I’m having a problem wiht FreePBX.

Each time my client loose power, the PBX and phones get back up but the “BLF” are not working.

I have to go in “advanced settings” disable “Dynamically Generate Hints” Apply the mod then I re-enable it.
After this operation, the BLF (hints) are working OK.

It’s kind of a pain to go through each time.

Anyone got an idea ?

I’m running FreePBX with Asterisk with “deviceanduser” mode.

Thanks for your help !

Update to a modern FreePBX would be suggestion one.

I suggested that to the client but they don’t want to spend money on the system.

They had too much problem with the prvious company that managed their system.

They don’t want to pay you for your time? There is no actual cost for the updates.

Well if they upgrade they will have to buy the endpoint module.

and it’s hard for me to say “You need to buy that but I can’t garanty that it will fix your problem”

Why do they have to buy a module?

Well in version after the one they have the “Endpoint” module is now “commercial” and thus has a cost.

You are confused. In 2.10+ there is a commercial End Point Manager.
This is a completely different module than the OSS End Point Manager.
The OSS End Point Manager is available and always has been.

Both projects do the same task but it pretty much ends there.

Ok then… how can I Install the OSS End Point Manager ?
I see only the “commercial” version

“Check Online”, you should uninstall the commercial EPM prior to installing the OSS EPM.
If at some point you decide to go to the commercial EPM the OSS EPM and files should be removed.