Losing Expansion Module BLF's after EPM template update (Yealink T46G)

(Necits2015) #1

Whenever I make a change to the template for the phone and rebuild config/update phones I lose the BLF function (BLF’s do not turn red when in use) on the EXP40 expansion module. Rebooting does not bring it back however logging out and back in as the same user using Phone Apps restores the BLF functionality. Anyone else experience this? Using latest FreePBX distro, latest Edge release of Endpoint, Asterisk 13 and PJSIP.

(Jeremy) #2

I am also experiencing this problem. Except, in my case, I had not yet figured out any way to get the BLF’s working again. I will try your suggestion to see if that workaround corrects the issue.

However, it would be great to figure out the cause of this. It drives me crazy. It happened once before and I struggled with it for a while before I finally got them working again. Now, I can’t remember my fix… Oh well.

Hopefully, some additional thoughts or ideas will pour in.


(Necits2015) #3

Yes very annoying!! Glad it’s not just me lol I’ll wait a few days and see if anyone else posts and then create a bug report.

(Dave Burgess) #4

No mention of a ticket in the Issues tab. Have you documented what seems like an EPM bug to them? The developers only check in here from time to time and seldom create new tickets for the people that post here.

(Necits2015) #5

Hi Dave. I figured id give it a few more days on the forum to see if any other users are experiencing the issue and then create the bug report. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something to do with my particular setup :wink:

(Jeremy) #6

It looks like someone has already created a ticket. I started “watching” it so that I could watch the progress. Here is the link for anyone interested:

EPM Not Provisioning Yealink T46G with EXP40 correctly


(Necits2015) #7

Yeah that was me lol Different issue but may be related. That bug pertained to directed call pickup.

(Jeremy) #8

Haha. I guess I should brush up on my reading skills… :blush:

(Necits2015) #9

Just submitted a bug report.


(Jeremy) #10

@necits2015 - I tried your suggestion of logging out of the phone by using the PBX Apps, then logging back in, but that did not resolve the BLF’s for me. One difference though, I am using Legacy SIP, not PJSIP. Is there anything you may have done to get the BLF’s working properly?

Edit: Adjust quote to properly capture correct details from original post.

(Chris Graber) #11

Has anyone been able to solve this issue? I am currently having this issue on one of my clients phones and it is causing a bit of annoyance.

(Brian Ladd) #12

The issue it this: Endpoint Manager uses a variable for the expansion module line/account indicator:

expansion_module.1.key.1.line =

The phone apparently doesn’t like this, because it doesn’t define what account/line to assign the key to.

If you manually define the key in the basefile like this:

expansion_module.1.key.34.line = 1

The problem goes away.

(Brian Ladd) #13

It stripped out the variable:

The issue it this: Endpoint Manager uses a variable for the expansion module line/account indicator:

expansion_module.1.key.1.line = < e11acct >

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