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Loop detected in monitoring script. Issue with Asterisk? Restarting!

(Neal Garrett) #1

I just happened to be connected to the PBX via ssh and kept getting the following msg across the screen
Loop detected in monitoring script. Issue with Asterisk? Restarting!

It doesn’t appear to be effecting the system at this point can someone tell me what might be causing this? Best I can tell it is when a ext to ext call is made but not sure.


(Rob Thomas) #2

Just fixed it, see Firewall monitoring daemon in infinite loop

(Neal Garrett) #3

Is there much risk in loading this during business hours with remote users? I fly out of town in the morning so really can’t afford to have a system down when they come into work in the morning. I normally don’t do any updates during the week.

If it’s risky what is the downside of not loading it until the weekend or later? Is it effecting the system as is?

(Rob Thomas) #4

It’s not risky, at all.

All that’s happening is the monitoring service (which is new) is restarting. Not the entire firewall. Bad wording on my behalf. But, the upgrade has been tested on about 30 machines so far and no errors reported so far!

(Neal Garrett) #5

Loaded update no more msg when calling et to ext. Thank you,

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