Loop a call back to same Ring Group

Is it possible to make a ring group which announces a ‘continue to hold message’ rings for a set period and then on no answer goes to the same ring group (i.e. creates a loop)?


Thank you Gents.

I installed the Queue Module and took a look and this works great for me.

Thanks for your comments, they really helped a ‘tadpole’ like me.


Just Use Static Agents.


Maybe you’d like to use a queue?


Bill is correct that a queue sounds better for this.

However, you can send it back to itself once created. You will have to first choose a different destination when first adding it and then re-edit it.

Just make sure you at least put in an announcement as part of the ringgroup (as you indicated). If you don’t, and all your phones were offline, you could end up with a run-away dialplan that takes down your system since the ring time will not be honored if no extensions are reachable.

However - I still strongly recommend you look closely at queues as suggested.

Thanks Gents.

I will look at Queues. I had not even looked at queues as I thought I would need to set up agents and make them log in etc.

Will take a look this evening.