Looking into starting a small call center no more than 5 reps

ok I have worked in call centers for energy for about two years now and I am thinking of trying to do it on my own! I know the basics but server wise and other stuff the basics I am not to familiar with can anyone help me out and tell me what exactly I need to get by?

really its going to be based out of my house so its nothing serious I just need to know what I need meaning the basics

That’s a hard question to answer. Do you know about phone systems and understand the difference between IP and traditional digital systems? What about the concepts of skills based routing, call distribution and queueing?

Do you know what we do here? Have you ever used Open Source software? Have you ever used anything that used the Linux operating system? Have you ever configured any type of phone system? What about computer networking? Do you have a good grasp on the basics of routing, switching, firewalls and such?

We are an Open Source software project that authors and distributes a software based PBX that utilizes Digium’s Asterisk Telephone Engine. We also have an ISO based installation disk that installs Linux, Asterisk, FreePBX and all the other parts to make the system functional.

Information on the features, installing and configuring our software can be found in our wiki.