Looking for these features

Hi Guys
I am getting ready to build out an pbx and I want to use Freepbx and I want to know if these modules are available for freepbx or not?

Backup Number/Network Availability Number?
Personal blacklist per DID?
Anonymous call blocking?
Call forwarding?

Backup Number/Network Availability Number? (Not sure what you mean by that.)
Personal blacklist per DID? (Blacklist is Globasl)
Anonymous call blocking? (See Privacy Settings, Call Screening)
Call forwarding? (YES)
Multi-Ring? (Not Sure What you mean by that.)
Voicemail-to-Text? (No, but will send voicemail notice via email with wav file attached).

On the blacklist I would like to have it per did not global.
The NAN that means case the network there would be an number that customer still can be get hold of.

Mulit-Ring (The multi-ring feature allows you to set more than one phone to ring whenever there is an incoming call. You can have your home phone, cell phone, office phone and any other phone to ring at the same time when someone calls. The first phone picked up gets the call and the others cease to ring.)

NAN- Network Availability Number, any call that you receive when your Internet service is not available is forwarded to any phone number

What you are calling NAN (Network Availability Number) would not be a feature of the PBX. If your Internet is down the call would never reach your PBX. This is assuming you are using SIP trunking for you phone service.

What you cal “NAN” is not a feature of a PBX, it would be set up through tour provider. For instance…Our city utility department emergency is backed up with a pots line as our Fire Department non-emergency ambulance transfer number. In the event of a network failure, they both plug in regular telephones and continue to receive calls. We use PRI for our service, but our city call center has 4 POTS lines that are bridged to the PBX and to phones in their center. Again, they can receive calls. In addition to the PRI’s, we also have several SIP trunks that can be used as backup.

What you call call forwarding is more properly called follow-me and is available.


Multi ring is either call group or the queue function.