Looking for suggestions for high availability/failover

We currently have two trixboxes at two different locations using SIP trunks. The plan at the moment is to replace these trixbox systems with the FreePBX distribution.

The SIP trunks are going to go away and we are going to port our numbers over to PRIs. We will be running on a Dell PowerEdge 2950 and probably a Digium dual port PRI card.

We have multiple locations connected via VPN and two datacenters. We have about 150-175 extensions and DIDs.

There are a few things that i would like to work but have not totally figured out how to acomplish this if it is even possible.

  • It would be really nice if we could only maintain a single servers configuration. I don’t want to have to maintain two different servers if possible.

  • I would like if possible to maybe have the hot server at one datacenter and the cold one at another datacenter. If the one failed it would switch over, if the PRI went down at one it would go to the other.

The easier solution would be to keep 1 PBX at a datacenter, maybe in an active/passive HA setup but I dunno.

I have looked at the Astribank which seems like a neat idea.

Sorry my mistake I should not have posted it here.