Looking for info on How to Backup FreePBX/Asterisk


New to this forum. I have set up Asterisk in a previous life.

Inherited task of backing up system to remote server.
Running CentOS 5.4, Asterisk, FreePBX 2.5.0.

Can someone please direct me to the Read-Me-First, FAQ, or relevant section of the documentation that will get me started?

The Administrator’s Guide listed the topic, but apparently isn’t written?

Also saw the Technical Corner brief on High Availability Backup and Restore.
But alas, this is an older version.

Thanks in advance for any tips, links, woeful cries of warnings, etc.


That’s just it. I couldn’t find anything in the admin gui that said backup.

Will consider the upgrade. (Not my box. Need permission.)

As for an administrator’s guide, you can try using “Trixbox without Tears” or similar FreePBX based books for general help using FreePBX.

“Trixbox Without Tears” has a section specifically for backups if you’re interested:


Hope this helps.

You need to install the backup module from module admin, the same place you do the upgrades from.

Yup. Just now found the Upload module link in the Module Admin page.

Any interdependency issues uploading version backup (

Spotted a “Notice” that says: 56 New modules are available.
Added 53 weeks, 4 days, 13 hours, 6 minutes ago

My guess is that the current admin hasn’t performed any upgrades since its initial setup.

Don’t shoot me, I’m just the consultant. :wink:

You should not need to upload modules simple “check for updates online”

You must stick with the same version number when manually updating module (IE: 2.5.x) to avoid changed in DB structure etc.

The backup module simply “works” have you tried it?

Why don’t you update your system to the latest FreePBX? Just go to Module Admin and install the Upgrade Tools. A few clicks and you will be on the latest version. Doesn’t effect your Asterisk or your OS.