Looking for HotDesking 2nd Extension Workaround

Found out the hard way that FreePBX / Sangoma phones do not support multiple extensions when hotdesking. One is all you get. Which, in a call center environment, running 5 shifts 24x7, creates a large issue as I need availability to have individual accountabiltiy with call metrics (logging in with their own names), but also the availabilty to field more than one call at a time (a queue call, and making outbound calls related to current queue call).

Wondering if anyone has encountered this and any workarounds found. Short of putting a second phone on the desk or a PC SIP phone, Im at a loss. Thanks in advance.

I think you are confused here. Why would you need a second registered extension for such a thing. By default our remplate is setup with 3 line keys on a S500 and all 3 line keys are tied to account 1 which is the primary extension. Hot desking could never work if you wanted 3 lines keys with 3 different unique extensions. Not sure why you are trying to have different extensions on the same phone but ya hot desking wont work that way as you are hot desking a specific extension no way it could do more than 1.