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Looking for help: Spectrum SIP trunk configuration

(Jared Clark) #1

Hello all! I am currently frustrated and really looking for help regarding conversion to new fiber SIP hardware installed by Spectrum/Warner recently. I currently am using Digium and it works fine, but as of yet I simply cannot get the trunk working with this new hardware. I did a bridge call that went quite long with their engineers, but they really couldn’t help with FreePBX. They provided an Elastix doc that I used to configure, but to no avail. I don’t believe it’s anything network related, both devices live inside the LAN and that IP range is trusted in the firewall.

Is there anyone here with a currently functioning FreePBX/Spectrum SIP combo willing to share trunk config? I am willing to pay for anyone that does professional consultation as well, as we simply need to get this working. It should be simple, but I just can’t seem to seal the deal.

(Jared Clark) #2

Well, after LOTS of trial and error, I think I have nailed it. Turns out Spectrum couldn’t give me enough information. They insisted it was a SIP trunk, using CHAN-SIP. Some furious googling, and I find another link from here:

He was trying to do something else, but what helped was the fact he used PJSIP. I redid everything from scratch and created the trunk connection to Spectrum using PJSIP, and it’s working. Spectrum was really less than helpful, but I kind of figured that would be the case.

If anyone comes across this thread looking for the same information, just drop me a PM and I will share the setup.

(Glgrp) #3

Hi Jared – I know this is a year later but it seems that I’m facing the same issue and was wondering if you’d be willing to share your working trunk config? We’ve used Charter (Spectrum) Business SIP trunks for 5 years now with an Elastix 2.0.3 system. We’re currently trying to migrate to FreePBX 14 but ran into what I think is this pjsip issue this morning when trying to test the SIP trunks.

Any information you’d be willing to share would be much appreciated.



(Jacob Burns) #4

Jared @jroddingham and Joe @glgrp ,

I am setting up a new property with FreePBX 13, and I am having a similar situation.

I have previously worked with v12 and Charter Spectrum - was quite simple. With v13, I am able to make outgoing calls on the trunk, but can not for incoming. I believe due to the PJsip and ChanSip changes it isn’t as simple as before. Spectrum doesn’t have any notes or recommendations for customers setting up FreePBX equipment when we attempted to go live today. I have pasted the show sip peer results & configs used previously which worked in v12 (and today for v13 outgoing).

If you could share any information to help resolve this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


[show sip peers]
HOST: 10.x.y.z
DYN: (blank)
ACL: (blank)
Port: 5060
Status: Unmonitored

HOST: 10.x.y.z
DYN: (blank)
ACL: (blank)
Port: 5060
Status: OK (3ms)

[Outgoing: C-SIP]

[Incoming: C-IN]

(Jacob Burns) #5

It was the changes between PJ and ChanSIP.

Simple error, simple solution - use “chan_pjsip” as the trunk instead of “chan_sip” trunk.


Going to switch over to Charter Spectrum tomorrow night. I asked for some documents and they don’t have anything for FreePBX still. Jacob, is the above configuration working well for you still? Could you or anyone post their PEER Details, USER Details and Register String as an example?

I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m going to be on my own unless I get a good support tech on the phone tomorrow night.