Looking for FreePBX with Asterisk

We had to move our data center. Once it was back up and we were ready to recover our phone system we realized it is setting at the bottom of a rack that has about 500 pounds of server setting on top of it. The servers setting on top of it cant go down and we cant pull them apart enough to get the PBX out. We are able to make a backup of the config but due to the configuration of the server and its array we can not virtualize it. I need to put a server onsite and cant find any of our older install material. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

How about a “cloneing” solution like mondoarchive which you can do live or clonezilla-live which requires downtime but little other changes.

We tried to do it but its running a software raid. Not sure ass the how much success we will have with it. We have another box built and ready to be loaded but cant find the source media.

Both solutions cover that, for both you might want to previously create software raids on the new box, use missing if you only have one drive, for clonezilla use partitions not disks for mondo just do it “interactively”