Looking for Consultant in Las Vegas Area

We are running FreePBX with the HA module with two nodes using the UC400. We previously were running on an Dell Poweredge 720R. We are seeing the same problem across both hardware platforms. Also on the server is FOP2. The symptoms we are seeing are:

  1. Active calls will shoot up to over 100, often to 200 or more even though there are not that many active calls.
  2. FOP2 will become unresponsive in that calls will appear stuck in the queue even though they ended, Users are unable to set their presence. Users will show on a call when they are not.
  3. Calling into a queue and all the caller will hear is silence instead of the on hold music. Caller will sit there until a reboot or until we do an fwconsole restart.
  4. Usually the system will stop accepting external calls.
  5. Outbound calls result in silence. Meaning that we get dial tone, are able to dial a number but upon sending, we only get silence.
  6. This will happen several times in one day and then go two weeks without issue.

We are looking for a consultant that can come in and take a look at the system and let us know what we need to do to further troubleshoot this and get it resolved once and for all. Any suggestions on consultants in the Las Vegas, NV area or someone remote that can help. All the suggested vendors on voip.com for the Las Vegas area are no longer in business.


Few questions for you.
Is your PBX and FOP2 up to date?
Do you have any network issues you are aware of?
What resources does the PBX have?
Did you try troubleshooting on your own yet, if so what are your findings?

To me it seems that you have an issue with Asterisk, and FOP2 is actually working fine, just Asterisk is acting up.

Here’s what I suggest:
FOP2 is really a third party app, it works well with FreePBX, but in your case I would temporarily remove it in order to get things working.
Once removed, I would see if there’s any issues with Asterisk, if there are issues, I suggest hiring a professional (Sangoma has paid support - link on top) and get your Asterisk issues fixed.
After a week or two and things are working fine… It’s time to re-install FOP2. But… Don’t do it yourself, fop2.com has a paid installation package, make sure they know it’s a HA system, and make sure they are aware of what had happened in the past.

Much luck.

That’s where I was leaning in regards to FOP2. Do you have any suggestions on something to replace FOP2? We tried iSymphony and had similar results although we didn’t have iSymphony on a “remote server.” That was going to be my next “experiment.”

I suggest FOP2 over iSymphony. FOP2 uses significantly less resources than iSymphony.

Are you saying that you have FOP2 installed on a third server?

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