Looking for CDR Reports Users guide and explaination

Is there a ‘beginners guide’ to understanding the CDR reports?

entries like
System: 1493602704.27147 (what’s the .271147?)
App: congestion/Background/Voicemail/WaitExt - What do these mean?


A unique-ish serial number. It’s added to the timestamp (the first part) to give us a unique ID for the entry.

These are the applications that run the phone system. They are documented in the Asterisk Wiki (FreePBX doesn’t do anything with them except maybe add a few new apps).

From bash try :thumbsdown:
printf “%f” “$(date +%s.%N)”

now do it again (quick as you want).

%s seconds since the epoch, $N nanoseconds , printf trims floating point numbers to 6 digits