Looking for a way to ring an extension when they become available after queue skips them


I have a scenario where a call comes in, it goes to a queue with about 20 agents in it. I have it set to skip busy agents=yes which is great. Everything works the way it should while they’re on a call. However, is there a way to start ringing an extension after its been skipped, but now becomes available?

Meaning, when a call came in, X1000 was on the phone already so they were skipped. Five seconds into the inbound call X1000 gets off the phone and is now available. It never rings X1000, I’m assuming because its been skipped. I thought the Retry timer would address this but that only seems to work if the call gets rejected during ringing.

I’m using FreePBX with Yealink T4X phones

If you need any other info from me, please let me know.

The retry timer only starts after the agent times out. So you want a short agent timeout value so that at the expiration of the agent timeout, the queue looks for free agents to ring again.

I just tried that but its a bit awkward. Once it hits the agent timeout for an available agent, it stops ringing then starts up again.

Yep, that’s how it works. The current ring must end and a new one start to pick up extensions that were not idle on the first ring attempt.

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