Looking for a step by step guide for DAHDI and B410P

Hello all !

Well, i’m using FreePBX for now with Misdn but i would like to use now DAHDI.

I installed AsteriskNOW 1.7 where DAHDI seems to be implanted, but i can’t make my B410P work on that (still, it’s recognized under the DAHDI tab).

So i would like to know if there is a website or a link explaining how to install a Digium B410P with DAHDI under FreePBX ?

For now, the DAHDI card only blink red and i can’t do nothing with it.

I’m on a french ISDN, and the B410P is a BRI card.

In a way, i’m looking for DAHDI for dummies hehe. I think it’s only a basis that i’m missing, like on how to use DAHDI via the trunks… that’s why i would like a step by step guide if possible, or maybe only what i need to configure for my B410P.

Thanks a lot for your replies,


I still try to find a way to install the B410P for a french T0, under FreePBX… Still have troubles to do so.

So no, i did not found out a way to do it…

Still, i have a conf but i don’t find the way to apply it (i think it’s on the FreePBX side that my conf is not good, maybe in the trunks, outgoing routes ?)

bonjour, did you find anything in the end? im in a similar situation.