Looking for a solution/suggestion for inbound calls going to different extensions

Hey guys, I use freepbx to power my call in show that I do on youtube. They way I have it setup is that I have an operator taking the calls, and placing them into a park, and I just pick up calls from the park.

However I get a-lot of phone calls and the wait times are very long to get on the air. I wanted to introduce a way that I could give friends an alternate phone number that went directly to my extension instead of the operators.

Can anyone offer a good solution on how this could be achieved in freebpx?

Users who dial 555-555-5555 => Goes to Extension 100 (operator)
Users who dial 555-555-5556 => Goes to Extension 900 (me live)

Any help would be great, thank you.

Set up an Inbound Route for your DID. Make sure it matches the DID your provider is sending. Point it at your extension and you’re on.

Hmm I know this is outside of Freepbx… but let me know if I understand the concept. Im still new to this.

So I am using Twilio for my sip trunking have setup a termination sip uri, I need to somehow configure twilio to pass along an ID to freebpx that it will recognize and route to the extension?

Am I understanding what you mean?

Thank you so much.

You don’t normally use a SIP URI termination for sending calls to FreePBX. You’ll set up a Trunk to Twilio and the calls will be delivered via a direct SIP connection. If you are using a SIP URI, you’re pretty much going to be on your own.

Anything delivered on a trunk connection is passed through the “from-pstn” (or similar) context which passes the inbound call to the Inbound Routes entries. Assuming you’ve set up “per-DID” inbound routes, one of these will match against the DID that came in with the call, which allows you to direct the call to the right destination.

This is sound like something this is a little too deep for my understanding voip.

I’m not sure if this is against the terms of service of this form, but is this something I could perhaps hire you to assist me in setting this solution up correctly ?


You could hire Sangoma or you can share how your Trunk to Twilio is set up. Either one of those moves us down the road towards solving your problem.

To be sure - this is one of the absolute simplest things we do with FreePBX. The only way it could be easier is if the system just read your mind.

First you have to determine how the provider is handling your phone number, usually it passes it either 10 digits or 11. Then you’d create an inbound route

You’ll end up with something like this.

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