Looking for a small appliance for Freepbx

I want to install a small appliance with Freepbx on it in an industrial situation. The need is to connect several analog phones through a Grandstream device, then to a Freepbx that is connected to the main office with and IAX connection. I need something small, troublefree and stable. I have looked at a Raspberry Pi and I think it might be to lightweight for this. A BeagleBone Black looks interesting. I have seen some info on a google search where someone used an Asus wireless router. Just looking for ideas


Look to an Intel NUC, lots more power and embedded wifi if you want it, yes its more like 300 bucks than 30 but you get what you pay for.

Or you could just build a VPN between the locations and not have all that overhead.

Will you have local trunks?

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No local trunks, we do have SIP trunks at the main office. The analog site is in the sticks, the only “network” we can get there is thru a Verizon 4G router. Each of the 5 connections for the analog phones runs very slow at about 500ms on the SIP report. I didn’t even consider a VPN until now. I could install another router at the factoryand create the vpn that way. I will be off for a week for a surgical procedure, will have some more time to contemplate how to make this work


If you have a 500 ms latency then a VPN can only but add to that, 4G is lovely for everything but voip (I wonder why :wink: )

(you might want to try TCP as a transport, I find it is better, go figure)

The VPN would be TCP…Iax is not going to fix the latency, they are using analog extensions with an ATA.

Bandwidth is not a problem on 4G, the latency is. Increase jitter buffer. You may also want to try g.729 CODEC

For more about codecs Asterisk™: The Definitive Guide

Thanks Aexeynikolaev,

Before I try 729 I think I am going to try ILbc won’t cost me anything. I am probably wasting time but we will see.

Thanks again

Why not giving a try to Raspberry Pi??
I have one working like a charm from severall months. It’s amazing how cheap it’s having a small PBX.


I did consider using a Rasp Pi. But I didn’t think the environment would allow the Pi to survive. Maybe at another location.


It is good for 3 maybe 5 concurrent calls without trans-coding. Ideal for a home, not so much for a small business.