Look up extension on handset?

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PBX Firmware: 12.7.4-1804-1.sng7
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I have a successful implementation of FreePBX up and running for a couple weeks now and one thing I keep getting asked about is if there is a way to search for an extension on the handset itself. We’re using Yealink T46G phones. So far, from what I can tell is that if the extension isn’t a BLF or speed dial on the phone already you can’t search the extension list that is in FreePBX.

Is that correct or did I miss the boat completely?


I don’t know much about that phone. But it’s possible to use LDAP or an XML phonebook to get the contacts onto the phones. I use GXP2170s, and I found this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/freepbx/comments/4ezz06/freepbx_grandstream_directory_automation/
It helped me out with my problem. I don’t know if you could adapt it in any way to work with the yealinks. Also there is something called a dial by name directory, which, while not ideal, could help other users look up the other extensions.

That device is supported by the the Phone Apps which integrates with Contact management for internal and external contacts.

When I go to Admin>Phone Apps and choose Contacts on the right hand menu it says “This module does not currently have any settings”

I check in Admin>Contact Manager, I only have the User Manager Group. I click Add New Group and create a new internal group called employees but there is no option to add or create new users. I went ahead and purchased the Phone Apps license so I think I’m good there. How can I create or add those users to my new group?


I’ve been through those instructions before posting here.

Here is what the guide shows it looking like

and here is mine. The Add User button is missing

That is an old screen shot. The users that show up in internal groups are managed in “User Management”. Only external groups can have users added and removed in Contact Manager.

Ok. So looking in User Management I see all my users now but how do I get those to show up as internal contacts in contact management for the on device Phone Book (Phone Apps contacts?)

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