Look it's important .... The file2ban is deceived by the log!

Look it’s important … The file2ban is deceived by the log !!!
In the log it comes like this:

[2018-02-02 06:39:11] VERBOSE [16707] [C-00000a10] pbx.c: Executing [s @ from-sip-external: 6] Log (“SIP /”, " WARNING, “Rejecting unknown SIP connection from” ") in new stack
[2018-02-02 06:39:11] WARNING [16707] [C-00000a10] Ext. S: “Rejecting unknown SIP connection from”

You will see that the IP address is followed by double repeated quotation marks: “”

I think this deceives the control rules of the file2ban what do you think ???

I’m checking everything out for good

I noticed that the attempts come to art … are the time necessary to not trigger the file2ban …

Now I edit the rules and bind them to the first error by monitoring a working hour when they make more than one attempt in an hour they have them for 24 hours …

Let’s see if they stop losing their time

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