Long Time bug on Busy Systems -- Does anyone have a patch?

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FreePBX Version =

I have a busy system that records all calls (In or Out) on certain extensions. The system works well but when the admin goes to listen to the recording in the second half of the month they often get the too many files error message…

I am wondering if anyone has a patch / work around they have already developed for this ? If not I guess I need to dig into the PHP scripts find the array and a better way of allocating it.


It looks like there is a hard coded value of 3000 in the php scripts…

That worked great as a temporary patch, Thank you !!!

Bumped it to 5K, but shouldn’t the code do some form of check for the number of files to be processed and set the index that way ??

Maybe something like $NbrFiles=ls | wc -l


[email protected]:/var/spool/asterisk/monitor $ ls | wc -l

Edit /var/www/html/recordings/includes/main.conf.php, look for the line $SETTINGS_MAX_FILES=3000
Edit the numbers to fit your need.