Long pause after dialing and before call progress


I spot fairly long pause, when I dial the local (3digit) number and then system waits for any other digits fro quite some time, before call is progressed and number actually dialed…

Anyone knows how to decrease this pause ?

Thanks in advance,



From the sounds of it you are talking about a SIP to SIP call? (ie. not a SIP to TDM call).

If that is the case, your problem is more than likely with a setting on your phones themselves and not on FreePBX.

I know the Aastra phones we have here have an option for this: “sip digit timeout: 3” in the config file sets it to 3 second timeout.

If you are talking about SIP to TDM call, then i feel your pain…l i’ve had some users complain about this too… its really just perception on their part though… the phones have a 3 second timeout before they determine you have finished dialing a number… then it initiates the SIP session, which instructs Asterisk to dial out over TDM (in our case analog lines). SO then you have to wait for the TDM card to pick a line and dial, wait for the telco to start sending you a ring indicator… which is poribably around another 3-5 seconds.

So basically from the time you finish pressing buttons on the phone, its about 6-8 seconds before they actually hear ringing in the handset… i’ve heard some complaints that it feels very delayed… but they seem to be adjusting to it OK.

Dial # after dialing the number this will “confirm” your call and send it through to the trunk faster.

if your phone supports it take a look at adjusting the internal to the phone dialplan. As mwatson stated with aastra phones you can do this and most others also. When you adjust the phone based dialplan properly it will connect very fast just like of you pressed the # after the number each time.