Long Dial Tone after Voice Message

Pretty much a newbie here on FreePBX - setting up a new system (Sangoma PBXact 60 ) - when leaving a voice message on the system and retrying to retrieve this - the system prompt says the voice message is 5 minutes in length even though the actual message is only seconds long. I am able to listen to the voice message - and then there is a long dial tone after the message itself.

Any ideas or direction is appreciated.

This usually occurs only on analog lines, where the FXO card or gateway doesn’t properly detect that the caller has hung up. If your telco provides an interruption in line current, a polarity reversal, or a disconnect tone (usually sounds like a busy signal), the card or gateway can be set up to detect it.

What country are you in? Who is the Telco? How are the analog lines connected (make/model of card in PBXact or FXO gateway)? How do the lines come to you (copper pairs from central office, cable MTA, fiber ONT, etc.)?

On the recording, is there a beeping sound before the dial tone? How long does the dial tone last? What do you hear after that?

Stewart1 - this is currently setup on my test bench and I am just going through the initial configuration - I am using an unallocated analog extension from our current phone system plugged into the FXO card for testing. That could be the issue in itself.

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I was able to test this with ending a call using #. Then the call was disconnected correctly and VM worked as it should.

Thanks for the info !!

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