Long Dial Time

I have a free PBX setup with digium FXS and FXO ports.

The problem I am having is that when we dial a number on the phone it takes a really long time to start ringing on outbound calls.

Has anyone had this problem before?

Thank you for all the help!

Hit the # key to dial right away.

Another thing to note is that from your description, you’re using POTS lines as trunks. In addition to the default 4 or 5 seconds asterisk waits ( unless you hit the # or dial key) before acting on the dialed number, it then has to access the analog line and dial the number.

Thank you for the help,

I will check this today.

Is there a way I can bypass the default wait time or auto add the “#” so that it dials right away?

@w5waf That is correct that I am using the POTS lines as trunks, I figured that was part of the problem is the time it takes to dial from asterisk, but I am trying to cut that down as much as possible so asterisk doesn’t wait to send the dialed number out the trunk.

Again, Thank you for all the help

A properly configured digit map on the phone will fix the issue?

Now you are confusing me, this is why you need to post all information. Thought you were using FXS ports and standard phones.

If you have IP phones what kind?


You are correct, I am using FXS ports and standard phones. I am also using FXO ports and trunking through them.

Thank you

I think your only real option is hitting the “#” key. Where I’ve had to use this, I’ve explained to my users that it’s just like using a cell phone. You dial the number and then hit the “dial” key. They seem to catch on pretty quickly.