Long delay before call connected?

Long delay between connecting call between extensions?

I’m not sure if there has always been a long delay, but I in any case seem to have a few seconds’ delay between placing a call from one extension to another on my PBX.

This is going via a Linksys SPA3000 ATA to a Softphone (X-Lite).

I’ve done a paste of the relevant log.

If anyone has any thoughts, that would be smashing!

Just remembered - If I need to do the Wireshark capture of the SPA3000 I will gladly do that.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

6 second delay at this step:

[2019-04-05 23:40:54] VERBOSE[3923][C-00000001] res_agi.c: dialparties.agi: Added extension 07441280099# to extension map
[2019-04-05 23:41:00] VERBOSE[3923][C-00000001] res_agi.c: dialparties.agi: Extension 4002 cf is disabled

Certainly not normal, and I don’t know what would cause a 6 second delay in the middle of dialparties.agi. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen that before.

Post a screenshot of the Follow Me settings for extension 4002.

Connect to the Asterisk console with verbosity 5 by typing at a shell prompt:
asterisk -vvvvvr
Make your test call, paste the console output and post the link here.
(This won’t have timestamps, so just note in your post, the last line before the delay.)

Unrelated to your log, the SPA may impose a delay when dialing 4002 (to see whether more digits are coming). Post your Line 1 dialplan.

This is my Line 1 dialplan:-


I’ll do the test call a bit later on, have to wait for an empty house!! Thanks :slight_smile:

aaaand here’s the syslog output from the SPA3000!

Sorry, @Stewart1, I realised I’d omitted to @ you, so you won’t have seen my replies! :rofl:
Thank you

He requested the following:

Also. what version of FreePBX and Asterisk are you on?

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