London based FreePBX support

Does anyone know or can recommend a company or consultant that is London based that can give support to three FreePBX distro’s for our company?

I would go down the official support route but I’d like someone to be able to do team viewer support so I can learn what is needed and also in two of the remote branches can’t give direct SSH access.



It might help if you could be more specific about your requirements…

General config, inter-connectivity, end-point management, numbering plans, etc.

If you just need to learn how to administer the system maybe consider putting yourself on one of the training programs.


Hi Alan,

Thanks for your reply; I’ll expand a bit on how things are and what the requirements would be.

We currently have two branch offices running freepbx distro’s (both inter-connected over iax2 trunk and vpn - seem to work, I have also configured remote vpn and voip clients - seems ok also); we have our main office that I was going to put in a freepbx box over Christmas but have been having lots of issues with stability (In one of the office) and DTMF in both so is making me a bit hesitant about adding the new box as am realising I am in a bit over my head with the project. Both other offices are running POTS trunks but here we would continue using our ISDN30… back in the trixbox days I had setup a test box with a sip trunk and seemed to have much less issues than I do now connecting with analog trunks… either using pots is more troublesome or… it’s me.

I’ve done the current setup and feel confident enough in doing the setup but it’s the ironing out the issues and perhaps adding a few little best practices I just don’t have enough knowledge on the subject to do successfully - the forum has been a massive help - it truly has guys, so thank you so much but I guess I am taking advantage of people’s free help a little too much here.

As a small company, the project was something where we thought we could save some money and also be more productive in the meantime as we had no phone systems in branch offices and a ten year old Avaya system in London that doesn’t really do all the things we want.

My real job however is a developer and over the years working here, I do all the IT infrastructure/servers… and now looks like the phone systems as well but I do know I am a bit over my head in terms of skillset with asterisk+freepbx and also time capacity.

The main reason I’d like the company/consultant to either be able to come into the office I am located or for me to see what they are doing is… I’d like to know enough to keep us running on a daily basis and don’t want to have to constantly rely on someone else especially when is something that if you know what you’re doing only take a couple of minutes to fix. More than likely I will go on a training program at some point but at the moment I honestly don’t have the time… and I feel I’m spending more of my time trying to sort out issues I’m having with the phone systems instead of doing my dev work… hence why I am happy to pay for some support here.

Anyway, I hope that makes things a little clear.



I am London based. If you want to talk please drop me a line on [email protected] or give me a call on 0870 478 8182.

Lee Mason
Optimal Projects Ltd


I don’t think you should be too far out of your depth - not for long anyway. The one recommendation I have for you is not to skimp on the PSTN hardware. After trying a number of suppliers I’ve settled on Sangoma products. FreePBX has rpm’s for Sangoma which also makes things easier.


I’d certainly agree with that. The last thing you need is cheap hardware giving you echo problems that the become difficult to solve.

Thanks guys. Luckily, when I first started out with asterisk I had read that Sangoma was the way to go for quality & ease of setup; so for all three pstn cards, I purchased Sangoma with the additional hardware e/c.

Lee - I’ll either write you an email tonight when I get home or give you a call tomorrow if is OK?

I can vouch for leemason and he is a great guy.

No problem. Tony - thanks for the kind comments.