Logs growing very quickly >5GB in Asterisk logs in 2.5 days

I have a FreePBX install where the logs files are growing very quickly. In the last 2.5 days I have seen the Full log has grown in size by 5GB. I used to be able to go months without going through that much storage. I am running FreePBX I tried hunting through the prior posts and found a few people that saw the log files growing quickly after upgrading to 2.11, but couldn’t find a clear answer upon what to do about it. Other from aggressive log truncation/rotation scripts is there something else I should be doing here?

@SSA check out this ticket:

Is this the same problem you see?

The log file growth primarily is from /var/log/asterisk/full. The other logs grow, but nowhere remotely close to the pace that one experiences. Considering that I only have about 10 extensions total this seems a bit excessive amount of data to be getting GBs worth of data per day unless I totally messed up the config.

Something is wrong, but we need to know what is being written to the file before a solution will present itself.