Logs for destination number

Dear All,

I would like to know whether there exists a log showing the intended destination number being called. Particularly I would like to see the format of the destination number.

yes there is enable the CDR in your setup. If it was hand build you’ll need to install the asterisk addons.

Basically my DID is not working and I am really stumped. On the CDR I am seeing the following line:

2008-09-02 20:54:28 0035679498471 110 SIP/ SIP/110-08e57948 ANSWERED 4 Not Recorded

0035679498471 is the source (external) number.

I am actually calling a DID number which is 22298158. This is actually extension 158 in my case.

I have one rule which routes ANY CID/DID to extension 110 so that if the DID is not recognised the call should go to ext 110 which is the receptionist.

Under reports I have this line:

2008-09-02 20:54:28 SIP/192.16… 0035679498471 “22298158” <0035679498471> 110 ANSWERED 00:13

As you can see the number dialed that is 22298158 is actually shown. So why isn’t this working?