Logo is not displayed on all our phones

My logo URL is http://www.cpu.qc.ca/asterisk/cpu.bmp.
The logo is not displayed on our phoneS…
My logo is configured in a template named CPUQC and the template is applied to all extensions.
If I use, this logo, it works.

My logo is a .bmp and the reso is 90x56.
We use the latest latest version of FreePBX-distro with Asterisk 13 and FreePBX 12.0.25.

We use Cisco 7960 phones with the latest firmware.

How can I debug this issue ?

Thanks you very much for your answer.


I spent a ton of time debugging my own Cisco phone logo/bmp image problems, I think its due to color problems with it needing to be 1 color bmp, and I wrote a how to guide for this as part of a book about how to configure Raspberry Pi + FreePBX + Cisco SPA504G + MagicJack + SPA3102, didn’t finish the book yet but here is the excerpt on BMP Logo creation

Here is how-to excerpt, includes lots of pictures


Ignore the SPA504G specific configurations