Logo and buttons

2 questions here, what size should be logo to be set for sangoma s500 phones? currently its taking up the whole screen. secondly, all my users have a template, but i want to add custom buttons for them to suit their needs, anyway for me as an admin to do this without using UCP and creating logins for them? my users will never use ucp, i have to do everything for them

thanks all

From the wiki, Optimal resolutions are 480x272 for the S700 and 480x320 for the S500.

In Endpoint Manager, Global Settings enable “Admin UCP for All”. This will add a button in Extension Mapping where admins can make individual button changes without accessing UCP directly.

Thanks alot!!

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hello again, when i go to add a blf button to an extension via the new ucp admin button that has now appeared, my changes are not saving, any reason why for this?

Are you on 14? If so, that is a known issue.

yep 14, argh!!! where can i track the bug status of this please?

i foudn the bug