Login to groups, stats and more


I’m pretty sure FreePBX does most apart from the group logins, comment tags and queue stats.

How hard would it be to add the missing parts in the following spec?

  • Multiple groups with different alert types and to be able to log in and out of groups. Eg User Sam - member of reservations-X, reservations-Y and reservations-Z. He can log into any or all of the groups. The manager can view if he’s logged in or not and log him back in if logged out for too long.
  • Auto search db for client details for all incoming calls. Screen pop windows with relevant details and deep link into intranet application.
  • Comment / tag calls and link to call recording.
  • Conference bridge applications: EG the consultant can conference in an IVR script to a call, inviting the user to key in Credit Card data using their phone - data stored into DB.
  • Monitor, intrude and whisper on calls.
  • Real time Queue status and call stats.
  • Multiple hold music dependent on queue.
  • Time profiles
  • Voicemail
  • Remote voicemail
  • Busy wrap up
  • DND
  • DND - exceptions
  • Wallboards – Collating both online and phone stats
  • Conference calls.